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As soon as we begin to write a test for our code, it is natural for us to think that we are doing a good thing, and often, we are. Yet, I believe there are times that we’re writing tests when we’re hurting more than helping — and, of course, this is not on purpose. To clarify, I’m an advocate for testing in general, and this is a short thought on how to make it better.

Unit testing is a required part of a healthy software development lifecycle and a balanced breakfast. But test-driven development is a rockin’ part of an awesome development lifecycle. What’s the difference? If you don’t test-drive the dev of your MarkLogic XQuery, you may never come back to test again. Test-driven XQuery development will ease your headaches, put you into the plush seat of a developer with confidence, and rocket you down the road to making all your wildest dreams come true. Kachow!