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Verbal Value Statements

Language is powerful. It’s super interesting to discern viewpoints based on language used. We make value statements all the time. Depending on how we view something, we’ll describe it differently. This is just as true in software and software dev as anything. Everyone Has Opinions We all have opinions. This is natural. We categorize things all the time. We have to sort through a lot of data every day, and we form opinions on everything.

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Latest Book

Mr. Colvin goes through a list of well-known prodigies and examines some common threads. The likes of Mozart and Tiger Woods are examined. Their performance has been generally amazing and noteworthy. But is this because they were simply born with a gift? I believe we are born with gifts. Colvin shows a compelling argument that there is more than this in these performances. They have special circumstance, timing, help, training, and heaps of practice.

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