Access JS object fields

Sometimes it is useful to be able to iterate through the fields in a javascript object and use the values kept therein for something spectacular. I've found this to be the case for POJSOs (+S = 'Script') that I pass down to the client with new-found data from the backend.

For instance, often these models have data that needs to be shown onscreen to update the ui. The fields are simple there -- whoa, available! So much easier than Java -- to iterate through:

for (field in obj) { /* ... */ }

Once we can iterate through the fields, then we can throw them out onto the page. One way that I like to do this is by careful naming of page elements to correspond to field names in the object.

So, here's a full-length demo (using jquery):

var pojso = {
  id: 3,
  name: 'Call me Ishmael!'

function updateUI(obj) {
  for (field in obj) {
    $('#ui-' + field).html(obj[field]);

// normally, put this in an event handler
<!-- the islands to be updated -->

<div id="ui-id"></div>
<div id="ui-name"></div>

Now can I have my Christmas anagrams and go home?


var nijso = {
  id: 3,
  name: 'New and improved',
  action: function () { 
    alert('Souit action!');

Now, in order to execute the new action function with the name (this would probably come in handy if you only had the name in some sort of programmatic instance, like executing all/a set of functions on the object in a loop, try this:

nijso['action'](); // this would get you an alert