Add a Script to dmenu

Here's how to add an app, script or any command to dmenu.

Often you'll need to add your own command to dmenu because it's not put there automatically for you, as when you install from a package manager. Maybe, for instance, you need a little script that wraps the starting of an app with flags, as is the case in this example.

Create the Script

First, create a script that you want to run as a dmenu command:


cd ~/bin;
./Polypane-16.0.0.AppImage --disable-gpu-sandbox

I named the file polypane.

Put it in your PATH

Next, put the script somewhere in your path. I have a ~/bin directory that I've hadded to my path. I put my script there.

Add to add that directory to my $PATH, add this to my ~/.zshrc:

export PATH=$home_bin:$PATH

Now fire up dmenu, type polypane, it'll be picked up from your PATH, press enter, and you're executing your script from dmenu -- a dream come true. Now go call your mom and tell her the exciting news!