Blog Topics

I was inspired by Michael Hyatt's book, Platform, to start writing this blog. As he suggested, I just started writing. But also as he suggested, I've been percolating over what my blog topics will be. I've just been writing for several weeks. I've finally settled in on a number of categories that will help me focus a bit. But each are plenty broad to be able to write on most any and all things related to software.


I'm a coder. This is probably my favorite category. This is what I wake up in the morning and do. Posts in this category will be heavy on the code snippets. They will sometimes link to demos. These will be the most technical of the posts


I have a desire to use and expand my design skills. I'll probably never commit enough time to really be a fantastic designer like many that I know, but here I'll post my own feeble designs and talk about all things having to do with look and feel and user experience.


Software is such a malleable medium. It is an art in many ways. Thus there are many ways to make it happen. Some methods work better for others. Some processes improve upon those of the past. Some ways are better than others to make a team work well. Ideas similar to these will be posted here.


The world of software and technology is rich with resources and activity. With so much to choose from, sometimes its helpful to have a suggestion or two on where to (or not to) focus some time and energy. Software, books, and conferences are subjects we've seen so far. The reviews are worth the price of admission. Get them here.


Public service announcements will include things about me or the blog in particular that are informational but not to any end. This post fits in this category. Where a full review is not offered, tidbits about the software world in general might fit here.

Blog Topics

It turns out that it's somewhat hard to choose topics to write about on one's blog. At least it is for me. The tech world is changing quickly. I'm one that likes to change it and and change with it. So, these topics may evolve. They seem broad enough to continue to be applicable.

If you were to choose my next post, which category would it fit into?