Change Page Title in Angular Route

When you change routes in Angular, the page title doesn't change automatically, but this can be done rather simply.

Servers and Clients

Client-side routers are pretty awesome. A new url is pushed into the browser's history to represent the particular resource that pure client code has produced and displayed. It's pretty cool. It's also used widely these days. Angularjs has a nice little router built into its framework.

Route changes from a server always have the page title set automatically in the head > title tag. Client-side routing doesn't have that exactly. Nor does the Angularjs router change the page title via an automatic mechanism. So, let's add our own.

Add Page Title to Angular Router

First, notice that you can add any arbitrary attributes to an angular route that you desire. In the code below, notice that each route has a title attribute:

angular.module('app', []).config ($routeProvider) ->

    .when '/',
      controller: 'HomeCtrl'
      templateUrl: "/templates/home.html"
      title: 'Home'

    .when '/about',
      controller: 'AboutCtrl'
      templateUrl: "/templates/about.html"
      title: 'About'

Then in a place that exists on every route -- something like an AppCtrl -- you can gain access to the current route's title every time the route changes:

angular.module('app').controller 'AppCtrl', ($rootScope) ->
  $rootScope.$on '$routeChangeSuccess', (event, current, previous) =>
    $rootScope.pageTitle = $route.current.title

Now we have put the route's title in $rootScope.pageTitle and can use it in our template:

    <title ng-bind="pageTitle + ' | MyApp'"></title>
  <!-- ... -->

ng-bind is just like using double curlies, but also acts as if it's surrounded by an ng-cloak as well. Notice that in the title, I'm even concatenating the pageTitle with my app's overall name.

Props go to @danethurber for putting this title changing logic in our most recent app.

Is this how you change your Angular app's title? Is there a better way? Specifically, I wonder if AppCtrl really is the best place to listen for $routeChangeSuccess.