Colorful Vocabulary

Here's quick summary of the meaning of color vocabulary.

To say something is "the color" blue, for instance, is to over-simplify. We can describe a bit more about color with a bit more vocabulary.


Hue is the word that we really mean when most of us say "color". Going around the color wheel, when we stop on a color, we're choosing the hue. This is a point on the spectrum.


Adjustments to color within a hue are adjustments of value within that hue. Value adjustments are identified as tints and shades.


A color tint, or increasing the tint of a color, is adding white to the pure hue.


A color shade, or increasing the shade of a color, is adding black to the pure hue.


Tone is when we add gray to a color. This lowers the saturation.

That's some useful colorful vocabulary, right? How would you describe these concepts consiely? What other terms do you find useful in this vein?