Continuously Not Delivering

You can shy away and do nothing or ship something satisfying.

Stuck Myself

I've been stuck -- and for no other reason than myself. Sometimes we get in our own way. We shy away from the challenge. We have a hard time moving ourselves to action.

We can make excuses to assuage our ineptitude in the moment. But when we consider the way things really are, we've find no one else to point the finger of blame at. It points right back to us.

Power Within Myself

But just as we keep ourselves stationary, we have the power within us to create and to act.

Once we ship something, it feeds itself -- it's self-perpetuating, and we find new courage. We realize that barriers were of perception, not reality. We enjoy the feedback loop and we ship again. We try a new thing.

Clear Paths

We can help ourselves by envisioning steps that make our path of progression clearer. Sometimes the total effort or the learning curve can feel unapproachable.

If we do a little thing, we can do another. Someday we'll have painted a compelling picture with a thousand brush strokes. Commit, push, do it again.

Momentum After Starting

I have procrastinated way too many things in life. I didn't know how to accomplish the big feat I thought was required. I was intimidated.

After starting, I found more power to continue. I wondered why I didn't start sooner.

The journey, the outcome, insignificant though it may be, is way more satisfying than doing nothing and wringing your hands.