Environment-based Dependency Injection

In developing an email notification system recently, we became interested in code acting differently depending on what environment we were in. A potentially good solution for this is environment-based dependency injection. This means that different Spring beans, for instance, will be used depending on the environment, ie dev, test, etc. This is useful for something like emailing, because we may not want real emails hitting the mail server in dev or test environments, but we do in prod. With some Spring constructs, it's pretty easy.

If you have property files that Spring knows about, you could put entries in like this in defaultContext-dev-test.properties:


And in defaultContext.properties:


Then, in your Spring bean serviceBeanContext.xml file:

<alias alias="emailService" name="@{mailProvider}"/>

The @{} notation is for finding variables of that name in a properties file. Finally, in your Java code, you can reference the alias that will be different depending on your environment:

private EmailService emailService;