Have More Fun

You enjoy your work more when you're having fun, right? I wouuld think that much would be obvious to us all. And yet, we need reminded now and again what really makes us tick. Whether our endeavor is serious or purely for entertainment; Whether the cause means a lot to us or we are just trying to pay the bills; We will do better and be happier in every case if we inject a whole lot of fun into our work.


Serious work still needs a bit of a lilt to really work well. This is especially true in creative work. How many of us can be creative on demand? It just seems to turn off the juice. The motivation to continue doing something will come from a certain enjoyment and mental reward.


Even if the work you do is meant for others to consume purely as entertainment, it can easily be less than entertaining for those working on it. It has to be enjoyable for you too. There are so many types and tastes of entertainment; find something that is personally appealing. Your personal engagement will be much higher.

A Cause

Working on a cause for which you have great feeling is probably one of the easiest things to find great inner motivation in doing. But you can even burn out there. Most of our jobs are done day after day. There is a nature of monotony even in the best work simply because of repetition. What can help counteract the daily march of work? A bit of fun and excitement! It'll mean you're simply jazzed to do what you feel is worthy of your time and effort.

Pay Bills

In the end, many work simply to pay the bills that never cease to appear. This is in itself and worthy reason for working hard. It is essential. However, just the focus on and stress over bill payment is probably enough to poison your joy for work. Two things will help. Live well within your means so the bills don't loom so large. And hone your skills and do so well that you find the joy of work.

Simply put, work will consume a large portion of your life. Would it not be better to smile and have fun during all that time? Gratefully I've had both fantastic opportunities for work and the will to have fun. Each of us have the opportunity to make it so.