The Joy of Simplicity

Waiting, building up to do some great thing can sometimes not feel as joyful as just doing something simple.

Big Enough

Our eyes are on the horizon. Someday we'll have something big enough. Someday we'll be good enough. Someday it'll make a big enough splash. But often this day never comes. Time, energy, interest, ability -- real life -- happens, and our some day doesn't come. It might, but often it doesn't.

But we had something in the interim. We had some time, energy, interest, and ability. Wouldn't we have found more joy and made the world a better place if we had just applied what we had instead of waiting for something more.

The Green Planet

In the constellation of wonders on the website, I have just added another. It gleams with an emerald glow. It's the green planet!, labeled "Works", which is short for "Creative Works".

These are artifacts. These are things that are the often the simple product of some small thought or effort on my part. It will catalog toys, sites, libraries, art, music, creative trinkets, or even professional work. But it's taken me way too long to put something together that I think would be awesome enough. So I'm just giving it a very simple to start. For now it contains one small, uncategorized item, "The Colors of Prose". It was a fun, simple project that brought me joy. I hope it does the same for someone else.

Simple Reminiscing

Don't the days of the past -- the simple days -- bring back good memories? Remember when all you needed was HTML and CSS? Remember when you took time to sit and tinker with a puzzle for hours? Remember when you first picked up React and were amazed at the cool stuff you could build with its simple abstraction? Remember when you played simple games with your family without an expensive device? Bring some of that back, and do something small.

What are the simple things you find joy in?