ngStyle Background

ngStyle is the directive used to set inline style attributes with AngularJs. Most of the time, it's straightforward to use. background css attributes can be just slightly trickier.

ngStyle Objects

The ngStyle directive requires an object for input. The object key is the css attribute name. The resultant value for the key is the value of the css attribute.

ngStyle is obviously used to set dynamic styles, because static styles are more easily and efficient set using the standard html style attribute.

A Dynamic Style Example

So let's setup a controller that sets a dynamic color based on something as useful as the time. Useful, right?

angular.module('colorly').controller 'colorCtrl', ($scope) ->
  $scope.getColor = ->
    if new Date().getTime() % 2 is 0 then "red" else "blue"

We could use this getColor function in our app:

    //- ... include Angular, etc
    p(ng-style="{ color: getColor() }")
      | The text will be one of two colors

A Background Example

If we have a dynamic value that needs to go in a css background or background-image attribute, it can be just a bit more tricky to specify.

Let's say we have a getImage() function in our controller. This function returns a string formatted similar to this: url(icons/pen.png). If we do, the ngStyle declaration is specified the exact same way as before:

ng-style="{ 'background-image': getImage() }"

Make sure to put quotes around the background-image key name. Remember, this must be formatted as a valid Javascript object key.

Another Background Example

That example was easy. Often, however, you don't have data stored in your models that's formatted like url(icons/pen.png). Instead you often have a field that represents the image path only. In this case, you must do some JavaScript inside your ngStyle declaration:

angular.module('colorly').controller 'colorCtrl', ($scope) ->
  $scope.tool =
    name: 'Pen'
    icon: 'icons/pen.png'
ng-style="{ 'background-image': 'url(' + tool.icon + ')' }"

Remember that it's just Javascript, and you'll setup the string concatenation to work just fine.