Package.json "style" Attribute

The "style" attribute in package.json is useful for importing CSS packages. Here's a way to utilize it.


NPM is a great channel for distributing assets for JavaScript projects. Traditionally, JavaScript code has been the most common thing to be stored in NPM, and that's what the repository was built for. But there's nothing that really precludes storing other things in the repository, such as CSS.

UI components stored in NPM provide a compelling reason to store the CSS there as well. UI components usually have a code or markup portion matched with some styles. These styles are often stored in a .css stylesheet alongside the JavaScript.

Loading CSS from NPM

To get CSS out of NPM, you install it just like anything else:

npm install some-stylesheet-package

Once it's on your filesystem, you could reference it in node_modules straight from a script tag:

<script src="node-modules/some-stylesheet-package/css/index.css"></script>

This bypasses any usage or need for the "style" attribute in package.json. There is probably a more sophisticated and flexible option with the use of a module loader like webpack. Webpack provides loaders that define how to transform source code (eg, '*.css') into something that your code can import and use.

One of my favorite CSS loader stacks includes postcss-loader. This loader, and postcss generally, has many plugins that allow it to do interesting things with CSS. Of particular interest is the postcss-import plugin. It's going to make use of the "style" attribute in package.json.

postcss-import Uses "style"

postcss-import has a main purpose of inlining styles that it imports. And there are some potential hangups to watch out for there. The other great thing about it is that it helps us properly import CSS from the NPM packages like we've been talking about.

If I have a local stylesheet that imports the some-stylesheet-package that we just installed, postcss-import will help get it right. In local.css, we see the import:

@import "some-stylesheet-package";

/* ... */

postcss-import will look in a number of places to make that import work. Importantly, it considers the "style" attribute in the package.json file. If the package author has specified this field, it will be the entry point for the CSS import. The some-stylesheet-package package.json that includes this attribute:

  "style": "css/index.css"

Would direct the module loader to import the CSS from:


A Standard?

This approach is becoming more widely used, but is it really a standard yet? It's a convention, at least, that a number of tools support the use of. It would be great if this continues to develop to the point of being on more sure footing. Right now, it seems like it's a de facto standard. I would love to see it gain more official community or NPM support.

Do you use the "style" attribute in your package.json? What tooling do you use around it to support and use it?