Setbacks are Temporary

When you run into a problem, do you see it as permanent or temporary?

Permanent Means Nature

If we believe our setbacks are permanent, we believe that's just the way things are. That is the nature of ourselves, our problems, or our world. It's hard to change nature.

This is a rough place to be because we don't see clearly a way for things to be different. If we see ourselves as permanently setback, we are not inspired by what we see in our performance today or potential tomorrow.

Temporary Means Changeable

But if something is temporary, it means it will change. If we see our own setbacks as temporary, they become passing circumstance. We are not stuck as who we are now or the problems we currently face. We can face them, overcome them, compensate, or move beyond them. They don't define us.

When we see problems as temporary, we have hope in a better tomorrow. We don't define ourselves by our current setback.

How do you keep your hopes up when you run into setbacks? Where do you draw your confidence from?