Simplest async/await Function

The most lightweight way to get an async/await function.

No Async Function?

It sure would be nice if you could await something without needing to wrap it in an async function. But, language-wise, these two go together. If you use await outside an async function, it's an invalid token. Inside the async function, however, await is perfectly legal (on supported platforms).

Simplest Async Function

So the next simplest thing to do is write it in a way that doesn't seem like it's a function at all: a self-executing function. Here's an example:

;(async _ => {
  await somethingAsync()

Note that the whole function is wrapped in parenthesis, and then there are open/closed parens at the end, invoking the inner function. The inner function is marked with async so that await can be used inside. Bam! No name on the function and no named invocation. As light as it gets.

Or can you get it lighter?