Single Glamor Instance

It's important to have a single glamor instance on the page.

The Rule

The rule: Have one instance of glamor on the page at a time.

How important is this rule? Very important. You can have a couple issues if you have more than one instance of glamor on the page.

In Browser

In the browser, I've seen this fantastic little error:

an unexpected rule cache miss occurred. This is probably a sign of multiple glamor instances in your app. See

Everything seemed like it was ok, but I got this error. Turns out that I had two packages that were being included in my browser bundle that had glamor listed in their package.json dependencies. That is a no-no. It will lead to rules existing in a different glamor instance, being unfindable by the other instance.

The solution? Put glamor in just one package.json dependencies list, preferrably in the parent/top-most list.

On Server

On the server, I've seen bad behavior when ignoring this rule. Recently, I was doing server-side glamor via:

import { renderStatic } from 'glamor/server'

const { html, css, ids } = renderStatic(() => ReactDOM.renderToString(<App />))

Using this method, css is supposed to contain all your style selectors. ...But there were never any selectors! renderStatic finds all your calls to glamor.css() and reduces the css selectors in this collection. You can see where this is going, right?

Turns out the problem was the same. I was using shared modules that had a glamor dependency, and the server module had a glamor dependency. Arg, will I ever learn?

The solution? Put glamor in the parent package.json, run the process from the parent, and all selectors are found and generated.

The lesson? Have a single glamor instance on the page, in your bundle, or in your Node runtime.

What other glamor lessons have you learned?