Unit Testing XQuery on MarkLogic

Unit testing is a required part of a healthy software development lifecycle. Business logic in MarkLogic Xquery needs the same insurance of superb testing as any other language.

Principles: Come learn the motivation for unit testing and how test-driven development can increase your productivity writing solid Xquery code in an Agile-coding environment.

Skills: We'll code Xquery examples to learn general skills including the TDD workflow, how to isolate your code for unit testability, and how to test one thing at a time. In each case, we'll address how to apply these skills specifically to development in the MarkLogic environment.

Tools: We'll also introduce you to in-house-developed tooling for creating unit tests and running them. This tooling provides an all-Xquery method of creating test functions, annotating them as such so they're runnable in the test runner, isolating certain modules to test, and viewing clear test results.

With a few principles, skills, and tools for unit testing, you can go forward with increased confidence that the Xquery code you write on MarkLogic is more awesome than ever.

This slide deck is from a presentation at the MarkLogic Users Conference 2011.

More prose to follow and support these slides soon.