Use Vim Keybindings in Alacritty

Here's how to use search/copy/paste vim key bindings in the terminal.

Enter Vim Mode

In Alacritty, to enter vim mode, type:


Then you're free to search, like you usually would in vim. Search with:

/ myterm

Then myterm will be searched in reverse direction, last buffer references first.

Vim Copy

Now that you're going backwards in the terminal, whether that's a search or just motions like j/k, you can make selections, using v or V

After you've selected something, you can copy (yank) it:


Exit Vim Mode

Now you're ready to go back to normal mode:


Paste in Normal Mode

The yank that you made in vim mode is now in the system clipboard. Paste in the normal way, eg:


What other vim neatos have you done in the terminal?