We All Come From Humble Places

We all come from somewhere, often somewhere humble. Even from these humble beginnings, each of us as normal people can accomplish great things. So don't discount yourself.

A Humble Street

We all start somewhere. We grow up as just one of the neighbor kids on the street -- just some humble street in an unnoticeable part of a small town. Then as we wend through life, we see other people. We see what they've become. We see the successes and outcomes they've had. It can seem out of reach for us. But remember, we all start in a humble places. That is our common condition. Our potential for accomplishment and satisfaction in life is similarly common.

So why do we have a hard time seeing ourselves reaching accomplishment or satisfaction in comparison to others?

There is No Wizard

When we see a process from the outside, it seems like magic. For example, if you don't know how software works, what a programmer does seems like magic. If you don't know how your car's engine works, what a mechanic does seems like magic.

Then there are some things that we get more into, and we pull back the curtain. We see how the sausage is made, and the magic is demystified. It is suddenly normalized.

Then we realize something amazing: everything we see as magic is done by normal people. These normal people are just doing their best to make things happen. The next amazing thing to realize is that this means we, as normal people, can also be a part of doing what we desire. We can get into that -- after all, it's just other normal people who are in it now.

Pull Back the Curtain

Now will a little retrospective, we realize we all have humble beginnings. We are empowered to pull back the curtains on more things for ourselves. We're just normal people doing our best. So let's not be afraid to set our sights a little bit higher. Don't discount yourself just because of your humble beginnings.