The Words 'Thank You'

The words "thank you" are about the best you can say and hear.

A Few Choice Words

About the most endearing thing that a small child can say is "thank you". This is especially true for a child that has learned so little else verbally. Of course, they're sweet already as little kids. And they say things it in that cute -- I'm still learning how to move my mouth -- way.

This child chooses, with limited time and ability to learn to say anything, "thank you" as a first phrase.

So Blessed

We are each so blessed. Whenever I pause to really consider it, I'm humbled with the array of blessings in my life.

Can each of us find more blessings if we pause and look?

The other day I considered even a challenge that loomed big in my personal perspective. It was important and concerning to me. But eventually I had an almost instant realization of the blessing and responsibility I had to meet and overcome this challenge.


In the small ways that we're challenged in our work, can we say "thank you" more?

What if someone criticizes the approach you took in the code you wrote? Is there a "thank you" opportunity there? What did they offer you?

What if someone says your advice is worthless -- or even wrong, encouraging others to do the opposite? Is there a "thank you" opportunity there? What can you learn?

Soften the Harshness

We often find ourselves in environments where people vie for attention, influence, and personal gain. I think we can disengage from that and even reverse a lot of it around us as we show genuine gratitude more often.

We can soften the harshness of the self-centered race of business and career.

What do you think? What power do you see in the words "thank you"?