Prefer Action

Ideas come and go. Act on them now or (quite possibly) never.

Advice to self:

Strike while the idea is hot. (That's a good Jim Rohn'ism I picked up.) When it comes to you in a flash, you might remark to yourself how great the idea is. But it will leave just as quickly if you do nothing about it.

Our emotions can be helpful to us. We can encourage positive emotion, which will encourage positive thoughts, which we can translate to positive action.

I love the empowering idea that we are agents in our own lives. We get to decide what we will do and be. We can do many things of our own free will.

Let reality be the dream killer. Better than wasting your time killing your own ideas. Act to bring them to fruition. Some won't work out, but some will. It takes so little to kill an idea. We can easily convince ourselves it's not worth it, doable, easy, or whatever. Be a builder, and believe in some ideas, and get them off the ground.

Worry less about the future and whether you're making the right decision. If you're going forward trying to make good decisions, that's exactly what will happen. Your good desires will lead to good actions and then good outcomes.