Re-render DefaultValue when Value Changes in React

Here's a method to re-render a React input when its defaultValue prop changes.

Why Update defaultValue

defaultValue is meant to be uncontrolled. So, why would you want to control it?

defaultValue is supposed to allow an input to receive some starting data but then React usually will forget that it was ever set. Why reset it?

The best case I have found is in making custom input widgets -- most recently a combobox. Instead of using a native select tag, which would be great too, I'm using button, label and div. But I also want my custom widget to be backed by an input tag as well. This will allow it to be submittable in a regular 'ol form. And in this case, I want my combobox to be controlled, but I essentially just want data to flow into the input field. I would just use value, but then React complains that there's a value prop without a corresponding onChange prop. So, I'm trying to get around that.

Tell React to Update

React will never update the input tag if the value passed to defaultValue changes. It was meant to be a default/starting value only, after all.

To force it to update, we'll surround the input with a containing tag -- a generic div. We'll give that div a key prop and set its value to the same value as we passed to defaultValue.

(Make sure that the key goes on the parent/container element, not on the input itself. If the key goes on the input, you'll get React rendering a new input for each value.)

Now, when the key updates, React will re-render the container and its descendant child, the input. Voila!

Some potential sample code:

const [value, setValue] = useState('someValue')
// setValue is called elsewhere in the custom component

return (

Any other ways you've approached this?